Allgress Security & Compliance Assessment Module

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Manage your compliance programs with operational efficiency and demonstrate that your organization has achieved regulatory compliance.

The Allgress Security and Compliance Assessment Module enables security and risk professionals to perform

security and compliance assessments that simplify the compliance audit process. Allgress customers are able to assess once, then manage and report on multiple compliance regulations. Rich reporting and charting provide a highly-visual and detailed look at alignment with and gaps in security and regulatory compliance standards.

Compliance reporting tools, visual graphics and wheel charts that provide detailed compliance assessment information.

Industry-specific solutions for financial services, healthcare, energy/gas and oil, retail and others.

Multi-regulation mapping that allows you to assess once and then manage and report on many industry regulations, including COBIT, Basel II, BITS, COSO, CSA, DIACAP, DISA, FFIEC, FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, IT SOX, NERC, NIST, NVD, OCTAVE, OMB, PCI, PCI DSS 1.2, PCI DSS 2.0, SANS, SOX and more.

Third-party assessment that allows you to manage and assess your business partners' security and regulatory compliance postures.

Standard assessments and reports that allow you to demonstrate compliance with multiple industry regulations.

Custom framework support and custom security standards that allow you to support your organization's unique requirements.

Workflow management that allows you to collaborate across your organization as a team.

Allgress Security & Compliance Assessment Module

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