The Allgress Business Risk Intelligence solution provides more than just IT governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC) management. It provides security and risk professionals with the information they need to effectively manage organization-wide security, compliance and risk. With Allgress, you can converge disparate enterprise risk silos and gain an immediate, intuitive and unified view of your organizations' information security and compliance risk posture.

The patented Allgress Business Risk Intelligence Engine powers the Allgress product modules. Each module provides meaningful and actionable data. Highly visual and intuitive heat maps and compliance reports that provide best-in-class graphics automatically translate that data into the language of business. Most modules can be deployed separately or as an integrated solution. When deployed separately, they provide insight into the areas most important to you and your organization. When they are deployed as an integrated solution, you receive a holistic view of regulatory compliance, security and risk across your global network.

With Allgress, you have an operationally efficient solution that allows you to meet the demands of security and risk management, regulatory compliance, vulnerability management reporting, and security-incident management. Now, you can make effective decisions that align security and risk-management programs with business priorities, communicate the value of those decisions to senior executives and board members, and secure the resources you need to manage risk, fines and brand damage.

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Business Risk Intelligence

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