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Live Webinars:

We know being well educated and up to date on the most current information regarding information security, compliance, and risk management is important to developing and maintaining a reliable system; that is why we have compiled a list of webinars and training sessions that may interest you and help you stay ahead of the trends. 

Live online June, 22th-10:00 am(Pacific)  Length: 60 mins

Combatting Targeted Attacks to Protect Payment Data and Identify Threats

Presented By: Colin Whittaker, PCI Industry Alumni; George Rice, HPE Security – Data Security.

Live online June, 21st-9:00 am(Pacific)  Length: 60 mins

Adaptive Thresholds and Anomaly Detection: Unleash the Power of Machine Learning for Improved Operations

Presented By: Alok Bhide-Principal Product Manager, ITOA

Live online June, 22nd-9:00 am(Pacific)  Length: 60 mins

It’s Alive! Automating Security Responses in the Cloud

Presented By: Tim

Live online June, 28th-10:30 am(Pacific)  Length: 60 mins

Advanced: Amazon Redshift for Big Data Analysis

Presented By: Zach Christopherson-Database Engineer, AWS

Live online June, 29th-12:00 pm(Pacific)  Length: 60 mins

Advanced: Improving Infrastructure Governance on AWS

Presented By: Chris Munns-Business Development Manager/DevOps, AWS

Live online June, 30th-9:00 am(Pacific)  Length: 60 mins

Building the Connected Hospital – Securely

Presented By: Chris Frenz, Jennifer Cathcart, Yogi Shaw, & Gib Sorebo

Live online July, 12th-10:30 am(Pacific)  Length: 60 mins

Data-centric Protection: The Future of BYOD Security

Presented By: Bitglass


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