Product Module Data Sheets

With the Policy Module, Allgress enables you to support the unique security and compliance goals of your organization.


The Allgress Incident Management Module enables security and risk professionals to simplify the management of security incidents and investigations.


The Allgress Vulnerability Analysis Module provides an efficient approach to prioritizing and remediating information security vulnerabilities based on the business impact of the asset.


The Allgress Risk Register measures multi-level quantitative and qualitative risks and identifies key information security risks that should be considered in broader enterprise-wide operational risk models.


White Papers

IT risk management is critical to the business – operations and strategy. To be efficient, effective, and agile in managing IT security, risk, and compliance it is critical that organizations understand IT in the context of their business and select technologies that are compelling for the business to use as well as IT.


Allgress is a vendor GRC 20/20 Research has evaluated and reviewed. Allgress delivers on the vision of enabling enterprise risk and security professionals to apply business context to security risk management so executives can rapidly make informed decisions that align with business priorities with less complexity.