The minimum investment to meet cloud compliance obligations is $200,000 per year, and the fees for not complying can start at $100,000. So while the investment is worthwhile, many companies are unable to achieve their obligations due mainly to budget constraints and a lack of expertise.

Join Jeff Bennett, President and COO at Allgress, along with Tricia Pattee, VP of Product at HOSTING on June 27th at 2 PM EST for the webinar, Compliance as a Crisis: Managing Compliance in the Cloud. During the live event, we will discuss the following:

  • Public cloud (AWS and Azure) compliance considerations
  • Compliance standards and common industry trends
  • SecComp cloud best practices
  • Factors that contribute to a "Compliance Crisis" 

We’ll also demo a couple new solutions such as an industry-leading Compliance Dashboard and a (free) Compliance Posture Evaluation tool recently launched to provide you with actionable items for passing an audit.

Bring your questions! There will be a live Q&A during the webcast. See you there!

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