Allgress maintains a comprehensive security Operations platform that includes network security, risk exceptions, application and project security assessment workflows, secure delivery, and data security. The Secure Delivery Module gives Security Operations the ability to effectively manage, automate and report on the many responsibilities and roles that they are often tasked with. This includes providing organizations a streamlined process to assess applications, systems, and projects across the entire organization, including cloud based applications and Secure Delivery workflows.

Key Features - Allgress



• Smart Survey Technology which enables organizations to provide application assurance workflow, project assurance, and client engagement requests
 Customizable assessments and workflows

 Secure, Central Repository for managing and reporting all security operations requests and workflows

• Detailed Reporting, as well as performance and security metrics enable organizations to quickly see the impact of the security program

• Integration with Allgress Risk Management Processes including risk register, risk exceptions, and third party vendor management

• Workflow Automation, Integration, and Notifications to drive efficiency and reduce the administrative burden associated with manual vendor risk management tasks.

• Ensure Security by Design with the Risk Assurance workflow to assess new products, services, or business processes against required security and risk management controls during the design or procurement phase.