Your organization is only as secure as its weakest link. If your vendors, business associates or business units fail to meet compliance regulations, you also fail. Yet todays siloed and manual methods to assess risk make an already complicated and tedious process even more complex.

The Allgress Survey Module streamlines regulatory and non-regulatory based assessments, allowing you to more effectively manage enterprise risk.



Create a repeatable process for 3rd Party Vendor Assessments

• Maintain a central repository with built in reminder notifications and easy workflows for assessments and risk acceptance.

 Create customized questionnaires with differing types of responses (text only, yes/no, multiple choice, forced comments, etc.).

• Employ weighted scoring to the responses for your customized questionnaires.

• Stack-rank vendors by risk.

• Document how your Vendors meet your standard for due care.

• Help your Vendors improve their risk posture with meaningful reports.

• Manage risk with certainty.

• Provide graphs showing the progress of assessments and who poses risk to the organization.



Perform threat-modeling assessments. 

Create executive dashboards with empirical data and meaningful reports.

Leverage rich reporting with many graph and chart options.

Create and execute remediation plans in real-time to mitigate identified risks.