Demonstrating compliance needs to be done in a method that is consistent, repeatable and defensible. Spreadsheets and pivot tables are time-consuming and error prone. Allgress provides the automation necessary to aggregate and interpret the information in a meaningful way to a variety of audiences. Thus, reducing the pain of managing multiple and complex compliance initiatives, while also minimizing the associated costs and risks of non- compliance.

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 Automate labor intensive and manually repetitive actions that lead to complexity and errors, by employing a repeatable process for any type of Assessment. 

• Identify the relationships that exist between the various regulatory control statements.  

 Enable the mapping of regulatory mandates and frameworks to policies and technical controls.

 Demonstrate compliance with unlimited multiple industry regulations and frameworks such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FFIEC, GLBA, ISO and NIST. 

• Ensure that business & IT policies are aligned and maintained against the backdrop of evolving regulatory mandates. 

 Maintain a central repository with built in reminder notifications and easy workflows for assessments & risk acceptance with cross-organizational collaboration. 

 Create executive dashboards with empirical data and meaningful reports. 

 Leverage rich reporting with many graph and chart options. 

 Create and execute remediation plans in real-time to help mitigate identified risks. 

 Reduce the scope and cost of outside audit activity with proactive preparation leveraging Allgress.

 Manage user permissions through built in Role Based Access.

 Generate meaningful and repeatable reports within weeks of implementation.

 Standard to standard mapping capabilities.