Most organizations have more than one industry standard that requires compliance. Automating policy development and management is crucial to maintaining efficiency. The Allgress Policy Module allows for centralized management of internal security and regulatory policies & procedures and their associated SLA’s. The module provides document management including policy definition, approval flows, exception management, policy attestation and tracking.

Allgress simplifies control mapping by allowing users to find and reference how similar policies are mapped to specific controls. The Policy Module includes full versioning and archiving capabilities, allowing users to view past, present and draft versions of policies. A comparison tool is also featured which easily identifies the differences between versions. The intuitive workflow engine allows you to manage security and compliance across multiple business units and corporate stakeholders.

With the Policy Module, Allgress enables you to support the unique security and compliance goals of your organization.  




Reduce the time required to get started by leveraging templates based on any industry regulation or security framework.

Easily customize your internal policies & procedures using controls mapping functionality.

Import existing policies & procedures easily, via our importer.
Manage multiple policies across all business units from a centralized management console.

View past, present and draft versions of policies in the same location and easily spot differences through versioning and archiving capabilities.

Gain consensus among multiple decision makers and business units with an easy review and approval process.

Provision the review and approval process via an easy to use Online Portal.

Publish graphs and reports showing how your policies and procedures align to the standards and regulations, with clear gap analysis.