Allgress GetCompliant is a core migration security portal designed to reduce the complexity and shorten the time to achieve compliance for customers deployed within AWS.

The portal identifies the shared, inherited, and customer specific control statements and demonstrates how you can leverage the AWS Shared Responsibility model to document adherence with applicable compliance standards. Focusing on all major compliance frameworks such as PCI, HIPAA, CJIS, NIST, and FISMA compliance, the portal guides you through the compliance process by providing targeted content at every step of the way. GetCompliant automates manual compliance functions through integration with current AWS tools.

Through the Allgress GetCompliant Portal, a Documented Security Architecture will be delivered, which can be used to configure your AWS account and create individualized policies and procedures related to your compliance objectives.


  • Document, upload and create AWS configurations that align with leading industry security control frameworks.
  • Utilize the self-assessment survey to document system security architecture, and configure AWS environments in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Utilize the Policy Module to store, track, and align policy statements to security and compliance control references, as well as track when they were issued.
  • Broad compliance coverage, including CJIS, PCI, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, FISMA, and IRS 1075.
  • Easy to use compliance assessment workflow and results repository
  • Sample Policy and Procedures individualized for compliance framework
  • Integration with AWS for automated compliance reviews

For clients deployed within the AWS this add-on module automates the process of proactively identifying risk, compliance deficiencies, and security exposures. The module allows you to monitor information from multiple sources, including AWS as well as supporting on-going compliance efforts, which include real-time reporting of changes within the customer’s cloud environment, remediation workflow, dashboards, and advanced reports.