Risk management can be cumbersome, time-consuming, inconsistent and subjective; and organizations are lacking a comprehensive picture of their risk posture for executives.  The Allgress Risk Modules streamline the risk management process, enabling you to quickly articulate your risk posture.  

The Allgress Risk Analysis Module leverages existing information (assets, vulnerability scans, controls assessments, etc.), you are able to report on that data to reveal current risk status, previous milestones and “what-if” scenarios. With the ability to score and track impact and probability of risk incidents, the module transforms data into metrics with business context.

Key Features - Allgress



• Deliver graphical heat maps that provide a repeatable, intuitive, and unified view of organization-wide security-risk posture. 
 Provide actionable information for all enterprise stakeholders.

 Scenario modeling to demonstrate how new business initiatives, acquisitions, and security and compliance investment decisions impact risk. 

• Holistic “at a glance” risk-based views of organization wide security posture. 

• Translate operational and tactical risk data into meaningful information, enabling communication to various levels of management via risk dashboards, trends, summary and detail reporting. 

• Defend compliance budgets by demonstrating the history of security and compliance budgets in relation to risk over given periods.