Managing IT Risk and Healthcare Compliance with Confidence

Allgress provides comprehensive lifecycle management for regulatory compliance and defensibility.  With demanding regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, HITECH, and HITRUST, Allgress helps healthcare organizations manage their complete compliance program in a single enterprise platform. 



IRMS Solutions for Healthcare

Historically, compliance departments have relied on manual processes involving spreadsheets, documents, and emails- encumbering the process of information gathering, and leading to siloed data that lacks a defensible audit trail.  With no auditable system of record, compliance information can also be compromised or tampered with. A seemingly insignificant risk may have vastly different consequences when additional factors are considered. Siloed data and manual processes create inefficiency, out-of-sync controls, and corporate policies that are inadequate to manage compliance. Healthcare organizations are bogged down by unnecessary complexity; often managing compliance within specific issues and without regard for an integrated framework and architecture, wasting time and resources in the process.

Allgress Insight Risk Management Suite (IRMS) provides more than just traditional IT governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC).  IRMS includes Policy Mapping, Controls Assessment, Reporting (Threat/Vulnerability), Remediation, Risk Mitigation, and more.  Allgress takes healthcare compliance and risk management from spreadsheets to an enterprise level solution, saving time and resources.   



Prioritize the highest impact risks first and balance against existing resources and budgets

Optimize processes and workflows for Protected Health Information (PHI)

Broad Compliance Capabilities for healthcare regulations and privacy laws including HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI-DSS, ISO 9001, SOX, and more.

BAA Management for 3rd Party risks from partnering organizations

Eliminate Manual Efforts with automated processes, including task assignments, auto notification rules, etc.

Compliance Reporting capabilities to reduce reporting time, with pre-built dashboards to visualize and analyze compliance data

•  Provide a repeatable, intuitive and unified workflow for managing, alerting on, mitigating and remediating risk. 

•  Provide actionable information for all enterprise stakeholders.